Thursday, May 13, 2010

Flying To God - It takes 96 flights!


Libya Plane crash, May 12, 2010: One hundred and three were killed as the Afriqiyah Airlines' plane crashed in Libya. However, one survived, a 10-year-old child escaped the hands of death. God's grace saved the child, a pure miracle.
Question: Why God's grace did not fall on the rest on board, 103 of them, a significant number of whom might have been God fearing and religious.
Answer: All adults are sinners as we have all sinned in some or other time in our life. Children are innocent and free from evil thoughts and deeds.

Chinese School Attack, May 12, 2010: Seven children and two adults were slaughtered in a kindergarten in Hanzhong, China, by a knife-wielding man.
Question: Why God did not intervene to save even a single of these seven Chinese kids?
Answer: China is an atheist country and hence God is not allowed in its territory.

Some Facts: From 1970 to now, there were 14 such air accidents in which only one survived. Out of them, 6 were minors and 8 adults. Among the 8 adults, 4 were crew members. So, the data shows that God does not intervene to save just the innocent children, but the sinful adults too. They did not collect the data properly otherwise we could have checked the percentage of virgin girls among the survivors and consequently, God's preference for them.

As per United States' data, 53,487 passengers were involved in air accidents between 1983 and 2000. Out of them, 51,207 or 95.7% survived. In other words, you need to be in 95.7 plane crashes before you could die in one such accident. Now, what are the odds in serious crashes? Its a huge 76.6%, i.e., you gotta have 76.6 serious crashes before starting the journey to heaven.
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