Friday, February 15, 2008

Rishi Shivi's Valentine


Here is a page of rishi Shivi's diary that he left with me before going to jal samadhi...

14th Feb 1999, 2:30 PM

Today is Valentine's Day. I am 16. I am in college. Now days the wind blows my hair softly, giving my face a smooth silky touch. I like a girl and she likes me (I guess). And I am reading general methods of preparation for alkanes. That's a bit odd (yeah, says who?). Who says you have to be with a girl on Valentine's Day, having candle light dinner, giving gifts. Hey! It's my life. I prefer studying general methods of preparation for alkanes. You may think I am a looser, making excuses. No, that is not true at all. After all the whole thing is about feeling fine and tell you what, I feel great. Valentine's Day is just like any other day for me full of fun, joy, happiness, and a soft, mushy, crunchy, crispy, delicious feeling. I am in love with the world and she (the world) is in love with me and we don't need any Valentine's Day. Any way, the great thinker and planner that I am, I am thing about what will be happening 30 years later. I will be 46, married, but with no children (a sacrifice I will probably make for the sake of preventing a population blast). On that day being a little romantic, I will confess my love for her, she will ask me a question, “Am I your first love.” I will say “No, I have been in love before.” Tears will roll down her eyes and then I will explain by a poem.

I have been in love before
I was in love when I danced in the rain,
I was in love when I smiled in the pain.
I was in love when I learned to tie shoe laces,
I was in love when in front of mirror I tried making faces.
It was love when I kicked the globe,
It was love when I ran like crazy down the slope.
The story is long and I will cut it short,
I have given you my soul, given my heart.
Here is the truth as nothing can change the fact,
I have been in love many times before,
And that is not abstract.
Even if it is, I don't care.
Love is a feeling which you have to share,
With everything around far and near.
Don't worry, you are my only wife.
The love I am talking about is love with life.