Friday, December 10, 2010

Sakleshpur Railway Track Trek - November 2010


Sakleshpur Railway Track Trek aka Green Route Trek
Trek Date: November 19-20, 2010
Trek Organizer: Aditya Kambhampati
Trek Participants: Aditya, Ananth, Anala, Aswin, Hema, Mohan, Ratnakar, Ravi, Sandeep, Tathagata.
Details of the trek: Trekwiki
GPX File: Green Route (Sakleshpur Railway Track Trek)
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  1. Its strange not to find any reviews of this trek here. Please post your number or email as we are also planning for this trek on 25th dec, so need some informations.


  2. All the info required is available in the post, please see carefully.

  3. Thanks Ravi. I have seen all the information about the trek in this post. But what I am interested in knowing is, how did you deal with the bridges and tunnels when you encountered the trains? Did you guys carry antitoxins as precautionary measure to deal with snake bites?

  4. I am not able to open that file in GPS. On line #35 of your file, between the waypoints and the tracks, there is a tag that should not be there. Please upload the correct GPX file for everyone's reference.

  5. Thanks Abhishek. I fixed the issue with GPX.

    There is enough space on the sides to stand if the train comes in the tunnels and tracks. On the long bridges, they have made place to stand on the sides. Anyway, you will be able to make out that train is coming as they always make sound from far.

  6. Thanks bro...I am convinced....but its really hard to convince my fellow trekkers abt the space inside the tunnels..;-)


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