Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ram Must Leave - Who owns Babri Masjid and why


How far should we travel in the past to deliver justice? To what extent the injustice of the history can be undone? That was the root question of the conflict, the conflict of Babri Masjid. Unfortunately, no court could answer it.

The Logic: The claim of Ram Lalla Virajman, the Hindu group representing Lord Ram (!), over the Babri Masjid land is based on the fact that there existed a temple where the mosque stood now. They claimed the temple was devoted to Ram, which is also supposedly the birthplace of Ram, was destroyed by Mir Baki Khan around 1525 CE and a mosque was constructed on its ruins. Archeological Survey of India has testified their claim to be true to the extent that the mosque was built on ruins of a temple. However, it had no means to confirm whether it was Ram's birthplace or not (no evidence of delivery room was found nor any surgical equipment).

I dispute not their claim about the existence of the temple or Babur's attempt to promote Islam. But can this fact be enough to annihilate what is standing and revive the old structure?

History: Before 1500 BCE, Indian subcontinent, as we know it today, was the home of Indus Valley Civilization, inhabited by Dravidian races. Later on, Aryans migrated or say invaded India from Central Asia and Eastern Europe. At that time, Indus Valley Civilization was a flourishing egalitarian society and mostly ruled by democratic values. The nomadic and barbaric Aryans changed the scene and established kingdoms over northern parts of India.

Logic in New Context: By the same logic that a temple should be built because there existed one five centuries ago, land held by the descendants of Aryan should be handed over to the indigenous people because it was looted from them 35 centuries ago. Aryans have no right of property in Indian subcontinent.

Double Whammy: Now, per Ramayana, Ram is referred as Aryputra, that is descendant of Aryans. Hence, he has no right over any piece of land in India. He must leave. May be, Afghanistan is a suitable place for him.

What To Do With The Mosque Land: It is clear that the land in question must go neither to its current invaders, Sunni Waqf Board, nor to its previous invaders, Ram Lalla Virajman. The rightful owners of the land are Dravidians. Since no one better represents Dravidian race than DMK, they must be given the occupation of the disputed property. In my opinion, the best utilization of it can be had by converting it to a film studio dedicated to production of movies focused on Dravidian causes. A portion of it can be utilized to set up a sunglass manufacturing unit.

The Puzzle: There are several glitches in the story. Can you identify them?
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  2. My dear "I'll Fckyou"

    It seems that you tiny mind has been fucked equally by god and patriotism to the extent that you can neither think logically nor read colonial language (English) properly.

    Couldn't you read "the puzzle"? And that it was listed under "Humor"?

  3. @Anonymous

    As you might know its difficult or rather impossible to figure out one's male parent. Otherwise, I would have dedicated some thoughts on that person too. Possibly, it is the same reason why you are hiding your identity.

  4. person like u r shame on the entire hindu nation. if u cannot respect hindu culture, then u have no right to live in hindustan, better leave the country.

  5. @Anonymous - Thanks for the insight. Just a small correction, the word "Hindustan" itself is a Urdu (foreign) word. Hope next time you won't use this word while advising others.


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