Friday, April 23, 2010

Bombs and Mentos


Each day bombs are blasted in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Scores of human lives are destroyed,  countless bodies mutilated. Yet, this occupies just a tiny slice of news slot or a distant corner of a national daily. And a disowned plastic bag left in a public place or a minor firecracker takes the tiger's share of news time if the event happens to occur in United States or Britain. As if the lives are valued based on their nationality. Or are the lives valued on their contribution to world GDP? A dead American is a dinosaur, a dead Afghani is a rat.

Analysis: One should have not read the above lines as they're nothing but nonsense. Aren't you aware of the law of "supply and demand." The more the supply, the less the demand or value. So, more the news of blasts arrive each day from war zones of Asia, less the interest will be in public for such news. However, news of a bomb threat in a developed country is a rarity and hence, public interest and time slot alloted for it will obviously be high.

Conclusion: Do not blindly believe and agree with anything you read, see, or listen being wrote, shown, or told by the politician in the parliament to the guru in the gurukul. Carry a pinch of salt along to take with every bit of information (or misinformation) devoured. If you still get swayed by emotions, then "mentos khao aur dimag ki batti jalao."
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