Saturday, November 22, 2008

Megani Trek and Maravanthe Beach

Click on any photo in slideshow to reach Picasa album. This trek was organized by YHAI Udupi unit near Kollur, Udupi Dist, Karnataka in November 2008. The trek route is as follows: Day 1: Mavinkar>Bavudi>Thearthabare Falls>Bavudi>Megani (base camp). (15 km) Day 2: Megani>Galigudda>Haddubare>Devakunda>Megani. (10 km) Day 3: Megani>Hullukudike (6 km) Mavinkar is 5 km from Kollur bus stand from where the trek started. The whole trek was made easy by the fact that the trek route was through thick forest and hence devoid of harsh sun rays and also abundance of water. Some part of Bavudi to Megani route on day 1 was little steep, but manageable. Not only the selection of trek route was excellent but also management of arrangement was simply superb by YHAI. These jungles seemed to be fairly untouched by commercial activities or even by trekkers, but later on we came to know that though tree felling was not a concern here (probably trees were of poor commercial value), but poaching was rampant. One needs to get permission for trek in this region by Kundapur forest department which is not everybody's "glass of coffee" because of supposed Naxal menace. After Valedictory function on day 3, we left towards Kundapur where from we had to board bus for Bangalore, but en route we got down at Maravanthe beach and could witness the magnificent drama of sun and clouds unfold. The experience could not be captured in pictures nor it could be described in words.
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  1. Hi Raavi,

    Good to read your trip report and loved the photographs. Your pictures speak better than your words. Great work. Especially loved the photos of snakes and butterflies.

  2. hi ravi,

    umesh here.excellent trek route.just by seeing the fotos it does give a very good picture that it was a nice trek(ofcourse a hard one.)i think u people njoyed a lot those 3 days.
    may b from next time i will contact u for any such treks.also please let me know if any such treks r organised.

    Thanks & best regards,

    if u wish to reply u can send me a mail on


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