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Confessions of a True Trekker - VII

The Conquest  -  Continuation of Confessions of a True Trekker - The Conquest

Atheist, rationalist, and communists all belong outside of our beautiful planet, crafted to perfection by the lord, gifted ..

Can you think of a reason why would the almighty god create such creatures at the first place? From a theist perspective, certainly god would have not created a thing which would oppose it (not using "him" as it might hurt the esteem of female readers). From a logical standpoint, there was no such thing as atheism before eighteenth century. The concept is merely couple centuries old. How can god create the most intelligent creature on earth, like atheists, after having created everything 6000 years back and gone into a drunken stupor in celebration after it created us, the humans, only creature which knows about the existence of god. Certainly, it would have lost touch in its craft having been out of practice for over 6000 years. We can't even make right of our login password when we return to work on Monday after 2 days of stupor. How can we expect god to create the most intelligent creature on earth after 6000 years on bench. Thus, the concept of god creating such rational creatures itself is irrational.

Now, if you don't believe in god and believe in evolution instead, tell me how can a creature suddenly appear on the face of the earth without being evolved over thousands of years? There is no trace of atheist beyond couple centuries. Even if a few existed in dark ages of humanity, they would have been exterminated by the god-fearing humans for their irrational anti-god views. Certainly, their genes would have had no chance to propagate and no evolution happens without gene propagation.

Hence, both from theistic as well as scientific points of view, it can be safely asserted that the communists, the atheists, the rationalists are anything but earthly creatures. So, the only option left for them is to be alien creatures with a propaganda to invade our earth, god's most beautiful creation by means of evolution.

What would happen to the 330 billion god who would need to seek ashylam in other countries, making it a huge immigration crisis.

The threat to our nation doesn't end in this world alone, but carries over to heaven as well. It is a known fact that homosexuals are barred from entering into heaven. With increasing number of people dying as gays, representation of our nation in the afterworld would reduce drastically. These nonvegetarian Pakisthanis and Bangladesis and the cockroach-eating Chinis would be in majority. We cannot let this happen.

Homosexuality, and trekking as the root cause, has to be eradicated from the face of this nation. We have to be united and fight these infidels. We will have to form party to fight this evils, a men's forum and a women's forum.

To Be Continued...

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Durgotsav 2012 - Bangla Cultural Programs In Bangalore

Courtesy: anne in adelaide

For bongs, Durga Puja is a time for bong connections with music, dance, theater, and everything in between. Specially for people staying far away from their cultural hotpot, Durga Puja presents a once in a year opportunity to relish their music, relive their cultural identity.

Here is an attempt to compile a list (Sorted by location) of Bengali cultural programs happening across Bangalore. For some of the known artists, I have added links to give you an idea who they are and what kind of performance to expect.

Please comment if you know about other programs with details of program, location, date, and time.

Of note, a creature know as Tathagata Maiti has been instrumental in inspiring and in the making of this list.

Pandal Locations: For address of pandal locations, please see Durgotsav 2012 post.

Friday, October 19, 2012 - Panchami

1. Koramangala - Sharathi Socio-Cultural Trust 

2. RT Nagar - RT Nagar Sarbajanin Durga Puja Samiti

  • Recitation Competition - 1930 Hours

Saturday, October 20, 2012 - Shashti

1. BTM Layout - Bengali in Bangalore

  • Mohiner Ghoraguli songs by Banerghatta Banor Sena (group of kids) - 1945 Hours
  • Sruti NaTok by Smaranika Theatre Group - 2040 Hours
  • Folk songs by Madhusree Boral - 2110 Hours

2. Commercial Street - Bengali Association

  • Aagomoni & Aadhunik Bangla Gaan - 1930 Hours

3. Indiranagar - Socio-Cultural Association

4. J P Nagar (Bannerghatta Road) - South Bangalore Cultural Association

  • “Matri Abhahan” Bengalee songs by members, Directed by Smt. Debjani Datta - 1900 Hours

5. J P Nagar - Utsav

  • A classical dance based presentation on the theme of Vandana - 2045 Hours

6. Jayamahal - Jayamahal Sarbajanin Durga Charitable Samiti

  • "Koilash Hote Baaper Barhi" by Balmiki Group - 2000 Hours
  • Dance Medley "Dance Masti" by Jayamahal Group - 2100 Hours
  • Bouquet of Melodies by Rishi and Group - 2130 Hours

7. Koramangala - Sharathi Socio-Cultural Trust

  • Bangla Rock Band Krosswindz
  • Music by Kohal (Retro and Contemporary)
8. Marathalli - Poorva Bangalore Cultural Association
  • Classical dance by Natyalahari - 1930 Hours
  • Dance performance by Happy Kids - 2000 Hours
  • Adhunik Bangla Gaan by Haimanti Shukla - 2030 Hours

9. RT Nagar - RT Nagar Sarbajanin Durga Puja Samiti 

  • Agomani Songs - 1130 Hours
  • Folk Dances of India - 1130 Hours
  • Drawing Competition - 1300 Hours
  • Quiz (Prelim.) - 1300 Hours

10. Sarjapura Road - SORROBA

Sunday, October 21, 2012 - Saptami
1. BTM Layout - Bengali in Bangalore
  • Interesting couple games - 1130 Hours
  • Angik dance group performance - Old Hindi and Bengali songs - 1945 Hours
  • Poem recitation with Songs by Kallol Dasgupta, noted musician and theater artist - 2030 Hours
  • Bangla Rock Band AlPIN - 2100 Hours
2. Commercial Street - Bengali Association
  • Chhau Dance - 1930 Hours
  • Bioscope - A Dance and Fashion Show - 1930 Hours

3. J P Nagar (Bannerghatta Road) - South Bangalore Cultural Association 

  • “Tintee Parul Ban”, drama by members, directed by Smt. Supti Basu - 1900 Hours
  • Hindi songs by Saatsur (local group)

4. J P Nagar - Utsav

  • Rabindra Sangeet & Benbgali Folk Song presentation by Ms Iman Chakraborty - 2000 Hours

5. Jayamahal - Jayamahal Sarbajanin Durga Charitable Samiti 

  • “Gangar Tane Padyar Gane” traditional folk songs by Smt. Debjani Datta - 2000 Hours
  • Dance Drama "Nuton Juger Bhorey" by Balmiki & Jayamahal Group - 2100 Hours

6. Indiranagar - Socio-Cultural Association

  • Folk music by Bhavna Dutta - 2000 Hours
  • Dance by Debjani Sen - 2100 Hours

7. Kanakapura Road -  Kanakapura Road Bengali Association

8. Koramangala - Sharathi Socio-Cultural Trust

9. Marathalli - Poorva Bangalore Cultural Association
  • Dancing Little Champs - 1830 Hours
  • Dancing Super Kids - 1915 Hours
  • Music by Suhita & team - 1945 Hours
  • Classical dance by Nataraja Academy - 2030 Hours

10. RT Nagar - RT Nagar Sarbajanin Durga Puja Samiti 

  • Music by Haimanti Shukla - 1900 Hours
  • Fancy dress competition for Kids - 1100 Hours
  • Quiz Final - 1230 Hours
  • Fashion Show - 1900 Hours

Monday, October 22, 2012 - Ashtami

1. BTM Layout - Bengali in Bangalore 

  • Hindi and Bengali songs from 70's and 80's by Rishi and Kumar - 1900 Hours
  • Aaghor Band Ghazal night by Jataveda Banerjee - 2000 Hours
  • Shikara - A Fusion band featuring Indian Idol 4 finalist - 2100 Hours
2. Commercial Street - Bengali Association
  • Rabindra Nrityanushthan - 1930 Hours
  • Bolthoki Gaan by Shilpi Chattopadhyay - 1930 Hours
  • Dhunuchi Dance Competition - 1930 Hours

3. J P Nagar (Bannerghatta Road) - South Bangalore Cultural Association 

  • “Bagloo Chutir Ghanta”, directed by Smt.Soma Das - 1900 Hours
  • Chhau Dance

4. J P Nagar - Utsav

  • Musical  "Band" presentation by budding young talents of UTSAV - 1945 Hours
  • Shruti Natok by UTSAV Members - 2045 Hours

5. Jayamahal - Jayamahal Sarbajanin Durga Charitable Samiti

  • Odissi Dance by Madhurita & Group - 2000 Hours
  • Bengali Songs by Anik Das & Group - 2100 Hours

6. Kanakapura Road -  Kanakapura Road Bengali Association

7. Koramangala - Sharathi Socio-Cultural Trust

8. Indiranagar - Socio-Cultural Association

  • Music by Mayukh - 2000 Hours
9. Marathalli - Poorva Bangalore Cultural Association
  • Classical music by Aditya Vittal - 1830 Hours
  • An evening with Dancing Superstars - 1930 Hours
  • Music by Rathijit and Trisha - 2000 Hours

10. RT Nagar - RT Nagar Sarbajanin Durga Puja Samiti 

  • Fun Show By Mridul Bhattacharya, Mirakkel Challenge Fame from Kolkata - 1900 Hours
  • Drama: Kanchan Ranga - 1900 Hours
  • Extempo in Bangla (Bangla Boli) for Adults - 1130 Hours
  • Sankha Dhawni Competition - 1245 Hours

Tuesday, October 23, 2012 - Nabami

1. BTM Layout - Bengali in Bangalore 

  • BinB er Obhinobo Nibedon - Maddox Square Recreated - Open Air freestyle music / jamming session - 1900 Hours

2. Commercial Street - Bengali Association

3. Indiranagar - Socio-Cultural Association

4. J P Nagar (Bannerghatta Road) - South Bangalore Cultural Association

  • Traditional Bengalee Folk songs by Smt. Debjani Datta - 1930 Hours
  • Adhunik Bangla Gaan by Smt. Haimanti Shukla - 2000 Hours

5. J P Nagar - Utsav

  • Musical Collage of Tagore Songs & Bengali Modern Songs by UTSAV Members - 1945 Hours
  • "Abol Tabol" - A composition of bengali recitations, songs & plays  by UTSAV youngsters - 2030 Hours

6. Jayamahal - Jayamahal Sarbajanin Durga Charitable Samiti

  • Musical: "Banglar Taaney" "Nakshatra" Group (Swati Basu Ghosh) - 2000 Hours
  • "Cholochitrer Chaalchitro" by Jayamahal Group - 2030 Hours
  • Bangla Band "Seasons" (Shankar, Shalini & Group) - 2115 Hours

7. Kanakapura Road -  Kanakapura Road Bengali Association

  • Indian Idol Singers

8. Koramangala - Sharathi Socio-Cultural Trust

9. Marathalli - Poorva Bangalore Cultural Association

10. RT Nagar - RT Nagar Sarbajanin Durga Puja Samiti

  • Bangla Band Chandrabindoo - 1900 Hours
  • Antaksari Competition - 1130 Hours

11. Sarjapura Road - SORROBA

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 - Dashami

1. Indiranagar - Socio-Cultural Association

  • Cultural Program - 2000 Hours

2. RT Nagar - RT Nagar Sarbajanin Durga Puja Samiti

  • Magic Show - 1930 Hours

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Durgotsav 2012 - Schedule and List of Locations in Bangalore

Note: Locations (not all) updated for 2013.

Please comment if you know that the location/address is wrong or Durga Puja is not being organized at certain place.

Bongs have invaded Bangalore in big way. The evidence is more than 40 puja pandals scattered throughout Bangalore.
This is an effort to consolidate information available online about the Durga Puja celebrations happening across the city so as to give more opportunity for lazy bongs to hang around.
I would be compiling details of Bengali cultural programs that are going to be held at various pandals in another post.
Finally, please help me add or correct information by means of comment.

Puja Schedule:
  1. Mahalaya - 15 October, Monday
  2. Panchmi - 19 October, Friday - Ananda Mela at 1900 Hours.
  3. Shashthi - 20 October, Saturday - Bodhan, Amantran, & Adhibas at 1900 Hours.
  4. Saptami - 21 October, Sunday - Puja 0815, Pushpanjali 1000, Bhog 1230, Arati 1830.
  5. Ashtami - 22 October, Monday - Puja 0815, Pushpanjali 1000, Bhog 1230, Arati 1830.
  6. Sondhi Puja - 23 October, Tuesday - 0017 - 0105.
  7. Nabami - 23 October, Tuesday - Puja 0815, Pushpanjali 1000, Bhog 1230, Arati 1830.
  8. Dashami - 24 October, Wednesday - Puja 0815, Baran & Sindur Khela 1100, Immersion 1500.
  9. Lakshmi Puja - 29 October, Monday - Puja 1930, Bhog 2030.
  10. Kali Puja - 13 November, Tuesday - Puja 1930, Bhog 2030.

Cultural Programs: For details of Bangla cultural programs being held in Bangalore, please refer to Durgotsav 2012 - Bangla Cultural Programs in Bangalore post.

Durga Puja Locations: There are more than 40 places where Durga Puja is organized in Bangalore. The list is sorted by location. Please see below for approximate location on Google Map.
  1. Bangalore Rural Association - Attebele
    Sedul Dassappa Kalyana Mantap, Near Attibele Bus Terminal, Hosur Road
  2. Banaswadi Bengali Cultural Union - Banaswadi
    Sitarama Kalyana Mandap, Kullappa Circle, Banaswadi Main Road
  3. Ramkrishna Math - Basavanagudi
    Bull Temple Road, Basavanagudi
    Phone: 80-2661-3149
  4. Bengali in Bangalore - BTM
    Aicoboo Residents Welfare Association Ground, Opp to Udupi garden, behind Bharat Petrol Pump, 2nd Stage, BTM Layout
    Sourabh Sanyal : 9964723890 / Amlan Barua : 9902805101
  5. Kaggadasapura Durga Puja - C V Raman Nagar
    Anisha Grange Apartment, 6th Cross, SCT College, Kaggadasapura, C V Raman Nagar
  6. Air Force Command Hospital - Cambridge Layout
    Command Hospital, Old Airport Road
  7. The Bengalee Association - Commercial Street
    R.B.A.N.M.S Ground Ulsoor, Near Commercial Street, Opp. Ajanta Theatre
    Phone: 080 25366087 / 65351827
  8. Swarnakar Samiti Durga Puja - Corporation
    Beside GEO Hotel, Near Corporation and Hudson Circle
  9. Electornic City Durgapuja - Electornic City
    Electronic City, Phase 1, Near Wipro Gate 16, Ajmera Stone Park, Opp to Concard Manhattan Apartment
    Phone: 9742332211
  10. Hebbagudi Durga Puja - Hebbagudi
    Near Hebbagudi Bus Stand, Beside BIOCON Factory, Hosur Road
  11. Socio-Cultural Association - Indiranagar
    Defence Colony Playground, Near Axon Specialty Hospital, 321, 6th Main Rd, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar
  12. Tripura Mondoli Durga Puja - Whitefield
    SKG Party Hall, Behind Hero Showroom, Bharath Motoers B, Narayanpura, Whitefield Road, Near Phenix Market City
    Phone: Sarajit - 9008838838 / Manna - 9379920459 / Shekhar - 9880175474 
  13. Anandadhara Durga Puja - J P Nagar
    11th B cross, 25th main, JP Nagar 1st Phase (Near RV Dental college, Nandini milk parlour)
    Phone: 9743744580, 9342636327
  14. South Bangalore Cultural Association - J P Nagar
    NGR Kalayana Mantapa, Bannerghatta Road, J P Nagar 2nd Phase, Opp. Shoppers Stop
  15. Utsav - J P Nagar
    Shree Kala Mantapa, #70, 15th Cross Road, 3rd Phase, J.P. Nagar (Near Mandovi Motors, next to Crossword)
    Phone: 25907661/ 9945316102
  16. Air Force Station - Jalahalli West
    Air Force Station, Jalahalli West, Near Peenya Circle
  17. Air Force Station - Jalahalli East
    Air Force Station, Jalahalli East, Near HMT Circle, Gokula
  18. Jayamahal Sarbajanin Durga Charitable Samiti - Jayamahal
    Jayamahal Ladies Club Ground, Adjacent to Jayamahal Park, Jayamahal Extension
    Phone: Bijon Majumdar - 9845090223, Debasish Banerjee - 9900245551, Himadri Nandi - 9845078787, Tapan Datta- 9845038782
  19. Kanakpura Road Bengali Association - Kanakpura Road
    BBMP Playground, Opp to HM Tambourine Appt.
    Opposite Jaraganahalli Bus Stop, Kanakpura Main Road,
    JP Nagar 6th Phase, (400 mt from sarakki signal towards Metro, on right hand side)
  20. Sharathi Socio-Cultural Trust - Koramangala
    Mangala Kalyana Mantap, 8th Block, 80 Ft Road, (Opp. Ganesha Temple), Koramangala
    Sudipto Das: / 9886067137
  21. Sarathi Socio Cultural Forum - Koramangala
    Muni Reddy Kalayana Mantapa, 6th Block, 80 Ft Road , Koramangala, Opp. BMP Park & Near Koramangala Post Office
  22. Krishnarajpuram Durga Puja - Krishnarajpuram
    SEA College Campus, Near Krishnarajpuram Main Market
  23. Magadi Road Durga Puja - Magadi Road
    Industrial Area, Kamakshipalya, Magadi Road
  24. Probasi Aassociation - Malleshwaram
    Canara Union Hall, 8th Main, 15th Cross, Near Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy, Malleshwaram
  25. Munikolala Durga Puja - Maratahalli
    Munikolala, Opp Innovative Multiplex, Ring Road, Maratahalli
  26. Poorva Bangalore Cultural Association - Marathalli
    VSR Convention Hall, Brookefields, Opposite Hindustan Lever, Marathalli
    Phone: Kuntal Roy - 98452 71046 / Sanjay Chhoudhuri - 98801 85320
  27. Purvankara Apartment Residential Association - Marathalli
    Purvankara Apartment, Near Spicy Garden Restaurant, Marathalli
  28. Air Force Training Command - Mekhri Circle
    Mekhri Circle, Bellary Road
  29. Bangla cultural Association (BCA) - Munnekolala
    Government School Ground, #No. 4,113/2B, 12th cross, Munnekolala
    Phone: 09845795295 / 08025235608
  30. North Bangalore Cultural Association - Nandini Layout
    “Mandir”, 8A, FTI Colony, Nandini Layout, Opp. ISKCON
  31. Murugeshpalya Durgotsva - Old Airport Road
    Air Force Campus, Wind Tunnel Road, Airport Road, Rifco Apartment
  32. R.T. Nagar Sarbajanin Durga Puja Samiti - RT Nagar
    Patel’S Inn, Next To Sriram White House Complex, R.T. Nagar
    Shyamal Biswas - 9449031398 / Dipashish Ghosh - 9986032520 / Pranab Burman – 9886545797
  33. Aikatan - Rajarajeshwari Nagar
    Sri Vasavi Mahal Kalyan Mantapa, No. 606, 18th Main Road, Ideal Homes Township, I Stage, Rajarajeshwari Nagar
    Phone: Subrata – 9845129964, Maloy – 9741200229, Udayan – 9900195145
  34. Sahakara Nagar Durga Puja - Sahakara Nagar
    Sahakara Nagar, Kodigehalli, Bellary Road
  35. Antaranga Bengali Cultural Association - Sanjaynagar
    Ramana Maharishee Heritage Centre, Near Food World, Sanjay Nagar, Off Bellary Road
  36. SORRBA Durga Puja - Sarjapura Road
    Near St Peters School, Kaikondanahalli, Sarjapura Main Road, After Total Mall
    Web: /
    Bidyut Chowdhury - 9448050371
  37. Vivekananda Cultural Association - Seshadripuram
    Seshadripuram 1st Grade College, Opposite Railway Reservation Counter
  38. Oriya Association - Silk Board
    Road next to Mantri Elegant leading to Silk Board Bus Stand
  39. Whitefield Cultural Association - Whitefield
    Close to Nilgiris in Whitefield, Whitefield Main Road
  40. Vivekananda Cultural Association - Yelahanka
    New Town, Yelahanka
Google Map: Some of the puja pandal locations have been added to the below map. These are approximate locations and I am not very sure of them.
This is a work in progress and not all locations have been added so far. This map can be edited by anybody. Hence, please correct any location that you know of or add any pandal location.

View Durgotsav 2012 in a larger map
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