Monday, August 25, 2008

Finding a Perfect Digital Camera

Deciding on something is a difficult task for me since I want that "something" to be perfect for my needs. Though I like difficult tasks of searching for THE PERFECT stuff on and on, days out and days in, weeks over weeks, EVEN IF IT IS A SIMPLE STUPID PAIR OF SANDALS. So, now you can just imaging how much research I would do to get a digital camera!!!!

On a philosophical note, the reality is that there ain't anything which is PERFECT and it actually is a big illusion, still we strive for it. Moreover, what I learned from my past experiences of searching for perfection is that I learn nothing from past.

Coming to the business, I was searching for a digital camera for past few days and I just want to list out the resources here for future reference.

STEP 1: Use any of the 4 sites mentioned below and shortlist the cameras which meets your requirement.

This site allows you to describe various features you need in the camera, price range, brand, etc., and what are important. Based on the input provided, this gives a very nice list of desirable cameras.

One may explore the "find the best camera for you" (this is same as #1), "compare models", "Dave's picks", and "digital camera review" sections on the left side of the website. In Dave's picks section, use Dave's picks index to select the appropriate category for you and find out which are the best cameras in that category. Also, the reviews posted are excellent.

This one is similar to the "find the best camera for you" option of imaging-resources, but with some style, not very technical though.

This site offers search camera based on technical details (most of which I could not understand). Reviews too are very brief and not of much help.

STEP 2: Read the reviews of different cameras you have shortlisted in sites 1 through 4. Compare the features that are more important to you, e.g., image quality, zoom, ease of handling, responsiveness, etc., and remove the camera from your list which is below your expectations.

Though their search feature is very basic, but their reviews are awesome.

Another digital camera review site that offers good reviews.

STEP 3: Most probably, by this time you will be left with only one camera. But if still in dilemma, use the site 5 and pick the camera which has received highest ratings among your shortlisted ones.

Here one can see the averages of ratings and tests done by various websites for different models of camera. Use the search feature to find the camera model you are searching for since at times, it is not listed under the brand category.

This is another website where users can compare 2 camera models side by side; however, the comparison is very basic, e.g., zoom, f stops, weight, price, etc. It does not account for picture quality, usability, and other subjective factors. No provision for user rating too.

Finally, I was able to make up my mind on Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ28, but unfortunately its not available in India yet... :(