Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Destruction of a Man

Inflate a man's ego to an extent that he feels capable of flying and he will be destroyed.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Choice and Happiness

Wonder whether abundance of choice leads to happiness in life or the lack of it.

Monday, June 20, 2011

In Conversation - Freedom, Faith, and Right to Invade

Ravi: Even M F Hussain's body refuses the soil of #India. It's a reflection of the treatment the soul has undergone in the land of #hypocrisy.

Sunil: If M F Hussain was honest, he would have gone through court trial. Why did he run as coward? Why only Hindu Gods, why not Allah and Jesus?

Ravi: Why do you worship Hindu gods, not Islamic or Christian gods? The reason may be the same, but only M F Hussain's knew.

Sunil: It's my personal choice and no one in India got right to question. Moreover, its my religious freedom. Am I insulting anyone by law?

Ravi: Well, same holds true for M F Hussain's. It's his freedom as well.

Sunil: Freedom by insulting the nation? You might accept nude Mother India like M F Hussain, but most of them object. It's insult to nation.

Why don't you publish nude picture of your family & post it on Internet. Sorry to ask you, but it is relevant to what you are supporting.

Ravi: Because they are not beautiful enough and nobody would look at them, even nude.

Sunil: Nudity in public is against law in India. How come M F Hussain escaped from law by drawing nude Mother India and Hindu gods.

Ravi: Then it must be insult to depict Kali as nude or depicting gods nude in ancient Hindu temples. Doesn't that insult nation?

Then why are the idol makers of Kali left free and why haven’t the ancient temples been declared as monuments of shame and destroyed.

Sunil: Those temples are century old and built before Indian constitution ever existed. Law can't apply to things which were before law.

Ravi: What are laws but consciousness of men, about their opinion on right and wrong. Government can pass law to destroy such temples with nudity.

Sunil: No one in this world sees beauty in nude mother. If you do so, then I petty you.

Ravi: If one sees nation as mother, humanity would pity such enslaved souls who is in blissful ignorance of its slavery.

Sunil: It's really funny. If you see people who believe in mother India as a slave, then what about you being slave of your believes.

Ravi: I'm devoid of any beliefs.

Sunil: When we go to temple, we see divine god and don't see the nudity as it is in a shrine. Things existed before law are national treasury.

I want to reiterate that we don't see nudity in a shrine. Where as when it is made to public gallery, it is treated as insult.

Ravi: It means, your mind is pure in shrine, but corrupt and lustful outside which sees the vulgarity of nude mother India, not purity.

Sunil: The idols are nude but they are decorated with costumes and ornaments.

M F Hussain said after drawing Hitler nude that he wants to humiliate him with his paintings. He did same with Mother India and Gods.

Ravi: Don't know what he said and what he didn’t, so can't comment.

Sunil: Just Google it and you will know the facts.

You see yourself nude at home and if same is shown in public, how is your feeling? Here its not about lust and don't change it. Sunil: I am devoted to my mother land.

Ravi: That's your personal choice, I don't mind, but you shouldn't mind my personal choices either.

Sunil: As long as personal choices don’t hurt others, it’s good. I am not talking about you but about M F Hussain’s personal choice.

Ravi: We need not know what MFH said, the discussion is on whether or not it's immoral to depict gods as nude.

Sunil: What M F Hussain said is relevant as artists intentions are more important to his paintings.

Ravi: Then you have to find out every thing he has said in his life before coming to a conclusion about his thoughts on mother India.

But anyway, this is irrelevant to the discussion topic as one couldn't know what was in the heart of a man with surety.

Sunil: When personal choice become public, then people got right to express their objection as they are no more personal M F Hussain’s paintings.

Ravi: Why would his choice hurt you? You can always avoid looking at his works.

Sunil: How can I ignore when it is public. Ignorance is not the solution when my beliefs are insulted and humiliated.

Ravi: You mean to say that if I write n publish some nonsense which someone doesn't like, then it must not be allowed to be published?

Sunil: Not exactly. People got the right to say their opinion on it and if it is something like Danish cartoons and M F Hussain’s paintings, then yes.

Ravi: I'm talking about publishing books like Satanic Verses and Lajja. Is it okay to publish them as they offend so called public opinions?

Sunil: I can't comment on it as I don't know about the books.

Ravi: They are books that are offensive to certain sections of the community. What's your opinion on such books?

Sunil: Unless and until I know more details, I can't comment.

Ravi: So, you have objections on paintings, but not on books?

Sunil: You r not getting my point. I can't give my opinion on topics which I don't know. I have to know how much realistic those books are.

Can you give me your opinion with a single line description on "Vimochana Dinam"? It's a freedom struggle of a region.

Ravi: Got your point, lets drop the book thing as it is more confusing and not relevant.

What would u say if I object the images of gods depicted as killing asuras coz it hurts my feelings of nonviolence.

Won't it be justifiable to ban such images of Durga, Kali, Narasimha that go against the faith of nonviolence and peace.

Sunil: Criminals in jails who are isolated should be release as its against humanity. Do you think we should release them?

That's the reason constitution take cares all these stuff. You got freedom as long as you are within law and order.

Ravi: Exactly! For the same reason, some picture or book cannot banned just because someone doesn’t like it.

Sunil: At the same time, if same picture brings communal difference then it should be.

Ravi: Then ban all religious books which teaches nothing but gibberish, causes communal difference between believers and nonbelievers.

Sunil: If I want I can also divert the topic and we end up with unrelated topic. Don't you think many people are offended by nude picture or not?

Sunil: If someone like M F Hussain does same to your family members, will you still defend the artist? Sorry to raise this again and again, but it is relevant.

Ravi: It would be a thing to celebrate. Wont it be great that one of your dear ones get portrayed in M F Hussain’s work.

Sunil: If U really stand by and do what you said here, then I admire you, but many people don't want to be in naked picture.

But you haven’t answered my question?

Ravi: Which question? By the way, gotta go to sleep now. Will continue tomorrow.

Sunil: Assume our PM visits a country and an artist portrays naked picture of PM and presents to our nation. What is your reaction? Sincere answer please.

Ravi: Well, it is for the PM to react, its his personal matter whether he likes to be portrayed nude or not. I'd love to be painted like that.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Secretly Transparent

Transparency and breach of secrecy are the two sides of a coin. What you see depends on the side you stand.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rotten Corpses

Cremate not the martyrs of a revolution,
Let the corpses rot,
Till the stench reaches the heavens,
And fear rages through their hearts.

Friday, June 10, 2011


You got a life, don't waste, contradict it.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Kabinale Reserve Forest - May 2011

Location: India>Karnataka>Hassan
Trek Date: April 30 - May 1, 2011
Trek Organizer: 
Aditya Kambhampati, Ravi S Ghosh, Vinod Varghese
Trek Participants: Aditya, Balakrishnan Vinchu, Benjamin Coutand, Chidambaram, Jinu John, Karthikeyan G, Nagaraj mr, Naveen, Ramki, Ravi S Ghosh, Sameer Denjypady, Saroja Dileepan, Yugender
Details of the trek: Trekwiki