Friday, August 8, 2014

Responsibility to Protect

Man biting dog is news, not dog biting man.

Israel is a recognized state and by virtue of its statehood and international recognition, it is its responsibility to protect human rights and act according to international laws. Alas, it isn't being forced to do so by international community and has been getting on with its high handedness on Palestine, thanks to the complex international relationships of interests and benefits.

On the other hand, Hamas is a recognized (by international community) terrorist organization which is not bound by international laws of human rights. They can commit crime against humanity (whether they actually do so or not is another matter for another discussion) because what they do is itself defined as crime. They are not morally obliged to stay clean of human right violation unless they are no more recognized as terrorist organization, recognized as valid representative of Palestine and its people, and hence are morally obliged to uphold common international human rights.

It is something like this. It's not a moral duty of a criminal to uphold laws because by virtue of its definition, it is a violator at the first place.

Similarly, it is not morally justifiable for police to violate laws, even against the violators, because by virtue of its definition, it is the protector of the laws.

Again on the same ground, it is morally indignant to kill a perceived terrorist without proper evidence and trial (exclusive of the instances where it is a question of life for their security forces). That would mean genocide of the very values forming the base of the state, especially if it is a democratic one.

In nutshell, all those movies you saw where the honest policeman takes the law in hand (I don't know how they do it as it ain't a physical object small enough to be held in human hands) and terminates the villain, foreign terrorist, and corrupt politicians with all blood and gory are simply morally unjustified.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Evil Celebration

Courtesy - fAmEnXt
Dear All,

On the moonless holy eve of Diwali, I have this gloomy feeling within my heart being unable to wish you a happy Diwali. Do you realize that all your celebrations lead to misery for others and all that you do to celebrate are nothing but acts of evil?

The crackers you burst are the cause for panic among dogs, birds, other animals and causes pain in the heart of animal-loving humans.

Often, children are employed and exploited in cracker manufacturing units and scores of such innocent children die before experiencing puberty in deadly accidents in the ill-equipped factories.

The sweet that you devour to add sweetness in your life are made of milk and sugar, both bitter causes of pain to cattles and humans alike. Production of milk is at the heart of all inhuman treatment of cattles, who are made to produce calves each year like machines, injected with chemicals to produce more and more milk, and finally butchered when no longer productive.

The sugar mills are famous for exploitation of sugar cane farmers paying them less and less for sugarcane and mill workers as well who work in near slavery conditions.

The fine new outfit you wear on festivals is made of cotton. The same cotton in pursuit of which thousands of farmers take loan each year dreaming of a bumper crop and finally end their lives drinking pesticides when they find themselves unable to pay back the loan.

And your fine new outfit is made in the sweat shops of Southern India or Bangladesh where men, women, and children work 16-hour shifts in congested textile mills in inhuman conditions, leading a life of slave.

The lights that you decorate your house with requires power. Power that is produced from hydroelectric projects by building dam on a river, submerging the whole forest, and destroying the ecology of the river or by burning fossil fuels injecting enormous amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Your need for more power, more food, more clothes is leading to destruction of the environment, in turn causing catastrophic climate change endangering lives of billions of people living in the coastal area.

Do you understand now that your mere act of celebration is causing misery and death throughout the world. Would you please your celebrations for the sake of innocent childrens, poor farmers, animals, and to prevent the earth from doom's day.

Moral Lesson: Show middle finger to all those who preach their brand of cheap morality with only superficial if any understanding of the world. Tell them to fuck themselves who come and advise you on the righteous way of leading life.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Unsocial Networks

Courtesy - Effbomb
Taking turn on the bed, searching for the elusive sleep, I picked up the mobile and reached for my ex-girlfriend (presently my wife). As I dialed her number, I was presented with a pleasant female voice, much sweeter than my sweetheart's although mechanical, stating it wouldn't be possible to connect to my beloved as she was on a different mobile network!

Since marriage, we never gave a thought to being on the same mobile network to reduce call cost. It wasn't necessary, after all one doesn't talk much post marriage and in fact, the focus is on how to avoid conversions.

I called the customer care and expressed my frustration at not being able to connect to someone on a different network. The 20-something, I imagined, with image of Pamela Anderson in mind, executive, with an aura of dumbness, was patiently reading me the same paragraph from their trouble-shooting guide, albeit with change of tone, traversing from unconcerned to bored to irritated.

Sir, it is the new policy of Supreme Mobile, she explained, to stop all off-net calls, incoming as well as outgoing, keeping the interest of customers in mind. Interest of the customers, I baffled, but how? I mean, what interest are you talking about? Sir, even though technically feasible, off-net calls cost more to the company compared to the on-net calls. With profits margins improving, the company would be in a position to reduce on-net call rates further and offer exciting games completely free! Hence, it was done in the best interest of the customers, she added exuberantly. In fact, given that our network is the biggest one in the nation, one should not be complaining about not being able to call one particular number, she added. We've got 750 mn users, sir, which gives you 750 mn numbers to call. Isn't that exciting! Why would one even think of calling someone on a different network? Besides, you can always invite your family and friends to switch to Supreme Mobile and enjoy the low call rates and amazing games. Inviting your friends to Supreme Mobile is as easy as sending an SMS! Just type...

It was unbearable by now and I had to disconnect abruptly, without the polity of thanking her. Dumbstruck, I wondered whether my judgment of the world was impaired due to overdose of homeopathic candies last week or the business community of the nation was under terrorist attack by biological weapons which left them incapable of sane thinking resulting in such policies.

You must be wondering where on earth this Supreme Mobile operates, why no action is initiated against its monopolistic policies, how can it be called a communication firm when its chief function is to limit communication. Certainly, there should be wide-spread condemnation of such policies in the media and people would leave such a mobile network. Well, that is not reality. In fact, people are pouring in day in and day out to get a subscription of Supreme Mobile because it gives you free games to play and you can call an astonishing 750 mn numbers. Damn those who are not on Supreme Mobile. They would eventually be forced to sign in because they too can't communicate with those 750 mn individuals. Soon, you would have none but Supreme Mobile as the only mobile company left in the nation.

Now, it isn't a made up story, it's reality, it's happening now and probably you are reading this shit on such a monopolistic platform. It may not be your voice calls that are being limited, but you don't share your thoughts just through you voice, you type text, you click photos as well. Do you realize that!

Cares who, we just fucking love Supreme Mobile and its policies. Monopolistic, huh...