Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Financial Ad(VICE)


Received a call from Wellwisher Broking, my stockbroker. A sweet voice emanated from the other side.

Caller: Hello, am I speaking to Ravi Ghosh?
Me: Yes, who is that?
Caller: Sir, I'm calling from Wellwisher Broking.
Me: Okay.
Caller: Sir, we have received a recommendation for Boombust India Pvt. Ltd.
Me: Thanks, but I don't want to go for anything now.
Caller: Sir, 100% it will be up sir.
Me: Aaaa (after a look at the watch and my tea cup, some time left for wasteful use). Is it a buy recommendation or a sell?
Caller: Buy sir.
Me: Humm...
Caller: Sir, it is trading at Rs 364 now and the prediction is within a month, it will go above Rs 450.
Me: Thanks (tea over by now, time to move), but I'm not interested in buying anything now.
Caller: Sir, would you like to buy after the market crash?
Me: Yep sure, but first let it crash (with a grin).
Caller: Sir, the market is going to crash soon.
Me: Are you sure?
Caller: Yes sir. We have received report from our head office. Crash is imminent.
Me: Then why are you giving buy recommendation for Boombust now?
Caller: Aaa... Umm... (some confusion in voice). Sir, we have got "strong buy recommendation" for that.
Me: But if the market falls, it will also go down, right?
Caller: No sir. It will be above to Rs 450 within one month sir. Do you want to buy sir?
Me: Thanks a lot for the advice. I'm don't want to buy it right now.
Caller: Sir, you have Rs X idle in your account. Do you want buy some other scrip?

I was speechless, wondering what a dumb decision it would be not to buy Boombust Pvt. Ltd.

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