Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Transformation of Game


Lord Curzon with Wife and hunted tiger

A century ago, back in the times of the Saheb, there was abundance of jungles and wildlife in the jungles. The advent of the great animal right activists had not yet taken place. Hence, Sahebs did not find much difficulty in hunting down a game or two for fun. The fierce and dangerous tiger was much sought after.

The game of hunting tigers was of immense pleasure as it provided a kick to the feelings of proud. After all, was is not within the reach of a common man to bring down the beast weighing 600 pounds with teeth like arrows and claws like thunder. Capturing one such beast also sent out a loud and clear message to the masses about the strength of the raj.

Courtesy Times of India, 17 June 2010

Unfortunately, times have changed. The rapidly increasing population had eroded much of the jungles along with its wild inhabitants leaving very few games for gun-toting sporting spirits. A new breed of humans called animal right activists have appeared on the scene making it further difficult to enjoy the rare moments of glory when the animal cries its last cry and red hot blood gushes out of the confines of its skin. However, the rapid increase in human population had created an entirely different form of entertainment.

Courtesy Times of India, 17 June 2010
Though the Sahebs have left the land, Indians have inherited their vigor and strength. Indians are as brave as their previous masters. We still hunt in much the same way. We still carry the hunted animal in much the same way as a century ago. We still feel the same joy, the moment of victory. Only the animal looks a little different. It walks on two legs, talks in intelligible language, reads and writes like us, has a sense of shame and covers body parts with clothes, and sometimes, carries a gun too.

Straight Talk: I'm not talking about the glory of hunting or luxurious British lifestyle. I'm not talking about the population increase or the vanishing wilderness. No, its not about naxals and manslaughter either. If you are yet to make anything out of above nonsense, then the rest of it is for you.

Execution of 76 CRPF men by CPI (Maoist) was terrible. Retaliatory attack by security forces killing 8 CPI (Maoist) men and women was justifiable. Killings and counter killings are the norms of a civil war and are very much acceptable. What is not acceptable is the way the so-called civilized army men, with ethics and high moral values, carried the bodies of dead rebels. Exactly the same way uncivilized barbarics carried their hunted animals. This behavior of CRPF signifies the lack of respect for human life or even dead bodies. It seems like the forces are trained exclusively in brutality and kept away from a mere sense of morality. Clearly, all the stories of pristine character of army men needs to be buried. In light of this, the allegations of rape and fake encounters seem much more likely. Is it too much to expect civil behavior from an army raised by a civil government?

As a token reply to the media, the rudimentary National Human Rights Commission issued a notice to Home Ministry asking for reply on the violation of human rights by carrying bodies like animals. Don't know what happened to that. Possibly, someone wiped their asses with that letter.

On a Separate Trail of Thoughts: What are human rights of a dead body? Strange that as an organ of the government reserves the right to kill, another organ says the killings should be respectful. What is respect to a collection of flesh and blood without conscience? For an organism, its life is more valuable than anything else be it respect or rights. If we do not respect its life, what good will it do to respect its rights?
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  1. Well said Ravi "Respect a life" all others come later.


  2. We should value life..nicely said Ravi

  3. Well, I don't respect human lives in contrast to Animals. I certainly hate human supremacy on this planet..

  4. What about naxals humliating bodies of our soldiers? is it ok with so called "National Human Rights Commission".
    why dont they go to naxals asking for clarification whn they destroyed d vehical carrying 100 soldiers and even mutiliated there bodies afterwards...why we need to b on better n nice side always...we need to show them...thats wht they will have if they dont give up !!
    these bull shit "National Human Rights Commission" asks for denying punishment of hanging till death...then what abt terrorist like kassab and others...the should be given medals or wht...for wht they did to so many families....wht the president of this commission gets his daughter raped by some one and then asks for favour to let him go..he would not..because then it would be his/her it doesnt because there family is safe at home...wht whn there ass gets whooped by these terrorist and naxals will they do the same thing??

  5. @Anonymous - Do you have any pointers/evidence/media report indicating naxals carrying soldier bodies like a priced game? I've not heard such thing. I dont say that they have high morales and they cannot do such act. But what I'm saying here is that representatives of a nation, a civilized society, needs to display a civilized behavior. Certainly, you would not like a Taliban like government to rule your country, would you?

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