Monday, July 12, 2010

Peeping CM


What Mr Chief Minister is doing sitting at the far corner of a cinema poster?

While roaming in Tamil Nadu, I came across the cinema posters which had Chief Minister peeping from an inset. Is he peeping in the life of romancing hero and heroine? Or is he blessing them (and the producers) for success of their love (and at box office)?

By the same analogy, we must have Manmohan Singh in Bollywood and Barack Obama in Hollywood posters. Mayawati runs out of luck here as there aren't many movies produced in Uttar Pradesh and so do Sibu Soren.

Edit (Self Correction): Upon seeing CM's image on a film poster, the first thought that went through was that it was to gain patronage of the ruling party. Including the faces of poster boys of the politics does have an additional advantage. However, I soon realized that I was wrong. Some of my Tamil-literate friends educated me that the Chief Minister, M Karunanidhi , is a renowned script writer and this film was scripted by him. All my logic fell face down. It was too early for me to jump on a conclusion without seeking further facts.

However, I would keep this inquiry open as I had seen more than few such posters. Also, I have never seen a movie poster which adorns script writer's image. May be this script writer is too special to ignore.

Conclusion: More often than not we are fooled by our pre-(and mis)-conceptions.
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  1. And not to forget...for Bhojpuri..the blessings will be from Lalu Prasad Yadav

  2. dude, he was a renowed script write once. and still he seems (claims) to be a good script writer. But his works in early 60s were some of the best works from Tamil Films, coz of dialogue and script , films use to get special attention.

    In fact movies used to run for his works rather than heros appeal.

  3. Thanks Diva, Guru and Nara corrected me on buzz and hence the last section "Edit (Self Correction).


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