Monday, March 22, 2010

Prison Diary

Its good (read fashionable) to save tigers and tress, turtles and culture, but for the sake of your testicles, you should not raise your voice to describe the plight of human and their rights for survival.

My knowledge of Piyush is limited to 2 mails we have exchanged so far. All I know about him is that he is a useless fellow, does nothing to increasing the nations GDP, pays no tax, talks gibberish about human rights and similar nonsense, goes to meet the tribal communities to find their problems, those sort of things. Huh! Who cares! Anyway, if you have not got your daily dose of TV serial, here are some excerpts from Piyush' blog.
 ...Later in the day, I was taken to residence of the Judicial Magistrate to be remanded & for almost one hour the Magistrate outside his home discussed Development, Violence, Politics but failed to record my statement against the Police Inspector who assaulted me. He lied in writing that I had no complaints against the police...
... The Handbills that asked for Peace & Restoration of Constitutional Rights of Lac’s of Tribal’s in Central India was seen as a threat & a conspiracy against the Indian State. The arrest was not smooth. It was a mixture of brutal assault & verbal abuses. The state has empowered its men to act as goons in the very day our constitutional rights were guaranteed & enshrined...

Source: Prison Diary Twenty Three Days of confinement Learning & Struggle , Hand in Hand.
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