Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Take on Earth Hour

Technology is invented to ease the life. Ease of life shouldn't be limited to preserve the resource for future's sake. There is no need to preserve a technology/resources. If the demand far exceeds the present availability of resources, then it means the resource is inefficient to meet today's need. If the depletion of a resources scares you, then think it is the time to invent a new technology to replace the old one. Horse was replaced by petrol. Whale oil was replaced by electric bulb.

Those who neither have the courage to stand behind nor reasoning to support their ideology find it convenient to tout borrowed wisdom. There is no risk of being left alone as the army of mindless masses is always at leisure to support a popularized vision. You look into the publications and find a "cause" suitable to own personality and bingo! you are the latest fighter in the crusade of "the cause." Such a wisdom is just that, borrowed. Like borrowed money, borrowed wisdom is used for outer beautification of the body, never satisfies the soul. It is like concubines, can be of pleasure, can signify eliteness, but can never produce heirs. There is satisfaction of life in inventing the theories all over again on our own, there is sense in envisioning the universe by own eyes.

Lets celebrate the advent of new inventions rather than mourn the death of old and inefficient. Lets rediscover the wheel.
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