Friday, January 23, 2009

Outsourced Thinking

One of the greatest innovation of mankind is "division of work" which did what it was meant to, allowed an individual to be skilled in one task, perform that task for others, and be dependent on others' skills to carry out his/her life. This indeed enhanced human productivity many folds, reduced waste of energy in fulfilling various needs of life by oneself, and placed the whole human race on the fast track, but at the cost of increased dependence on each other, on society. So, some did hunting, some engaged in peasantry, some tool making, and some other, very few of them, did thinking.

Thinking is difficult task and is more taxing and hence, humans, to save energy, tend to outsource thinking to others who are given a name, leaders. This ability to think and guide the rest of the society puts these leaders at a very advantageous position wherein they are able to direct fruits of else's labor towards themselves.

These leaders in different walks of life take advantage of this human tendency to outsource thinking and decision making, eventually turning others into mere robots. Obviously, this has caused the number of views/ideologies to be limited in the world as only a few do the thinking. That is why we do not have thousands of religion,  but just a few. These leaders are like queen bee in a beehive for whom the whole community works, contrary to the opinion that leaders work for the community. Rather, it is the other way round. It is the followers who carry the ideology of the leader, work for that ideology, go on strike, and sometimes murder for that ideology and some other times die.

We human in general are programmable, obeyers of orders, just like robots. One needs to tell us in some specific manner. Just like Hitler did to the whole German population. And in my opinion, he was indeed one of the most capable leaders the world has ever seen. Who else could raise the ravaged Germany of World War I to a point just few steps away from controlling the whole Europe.

The above fact leads to another fact that this world has been shaped by the decisions of very few people who lived on this earth. The life of almost all the world's population is influenced by those decisions. These leaders, be it in the field of politics, religion, economic, or whatever, decided how the population must conduct their life and the population follows those instructions under the "illusion" that they are the kings/queens of their own life and that they have complete control of it.

So, of whom are you slave of? Here is a list of few of the owners of your mind, your conscience: Various leaders who lived on this earth who enslaved you through school textbook, political leaders of various colors who dictate your life to great extent, religion, environmentalist, scientist, media, corporates who tell you what you must eat, what you must wear.

And still you "think" that you are "free to think."

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